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The master blaster from Limmatstadt. Punk rebel from the very beginning and Balkan beat/Gypsy punk DJ as a calling with Yenish roots. As they say in Zurich: Rock Gitano is as much a part of Balkan parties as the moustache is to Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello.

Rock began DJing in the 1990s as an electro DJ. Later he was often present in the Dachkantine, the former flagship of the Zurich electro scene, and was responsible for a legendary party or two.
But he could never let go of his roots, not even musically. At some point Rock traded in his electro discs for the wild music of the travellers, and ever since has added "Gitano" to his name.
His sets are a crazy potpourri of Gypsy music, punk, disco, rap and Klezmer. Call it Romanian swing, albo ska, Greek hotstep or drum'n'brass – it’s the perfect mix of Balkan and Eastern European folk music paired with electronic beats and modern influences from the West. Fresh, lively music that makes you happy... or as Rock himself says, “It’s about love! It’s about peace! It’s about craziness!”
And you can definitely hear all that on his first compilation entitled Pandemonium Gitano, which is available from 3 June 2016.





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